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The top 8 reasons why you should prepare for labour!

Labour is designed to be very manageable, but it is hard work and you do need to prepare. 

Here are my top 8 reasons why you are going to want to prepare for your labour…

1. To birth your baby confidently and boldly

This cannot be underestimated, the mind set you go into labour is your most powerful tool. As with everything in life, your confidence and your mind set can affect the outcome of a situation. And the number one way to feel confident is to know what to expect and prepare for it. For your labour you are going to need to feel confident and are going to want to feel confident, to stay focused, to keep positive and to be able to listen to your body and your intuition.

2. Actively supporting

Preparing your body your body and your baby to be aligned for a smooth and efficient labour. Your body is totally designed to give birth naturally, but you need to be able to give yourself the optimal chance in order to do that. You want your baby to be in the optimal birth position. You want to be in the most efficient positions during labour, so that every contraction counts and you can speed up the process.

3. Managing Pain

Going into into labour completely unprepared for what a contraction should feel like and with no strategies to deal with the pain is only going to make it more terrifying and you’ll be screaming for the medication. So, you definitely need to have lots of tricks up your sleeve to deal with this one! Having many different ways and methods to manage pain means that you will not exhaust your list and will always be able to cope.

4. Road Blocks

There are many common and predictable events that happen during labour which hinder a smooth and efficient birth and will increase the likely-hood of invasive medical interventions. Knowing what these road blocks are means that you can be prepared, avoid them and just drive on through!


Contractions are most effective when you are relaxed. (I know I thought the same “Serioulsy! this is when I’m supposed to relax!”) Relaxing is hard to do if you are not prepared. The power to quieten down, listen to your body and relax into a contraction are skills that need to be worked on before labour.

6. Confident and Capable Birth Partner(s)

The support team you build around you in your labour is like your strength, your backbone, your architecture. Your support is what pulls you through.

Let’s face it, your partner is probably terrified too! They don’t want to be annoying or unhelpful, but if they don’t know what you need or have a clear idea about their role, they might well be.

Give your birth partner(s) the tools to be strong, stable, and supportive.

7. Keep moving!

If you have been lying on the sofa for the last nine months you are not going to be in the best possible shape for the marathon that is labour. Having tools to ease the aches and pains of your pregnancy you will be able to continue to keep active all the way through your pregnancy.

8. Love your Labour

Ok so you are not going to love every minute! Loving your labour just means you're equipped. It means you're ready, you're excited, and you're able to (overcome negative experience) a huge challenge.

You love it because you feel proud of yourself and you've created a memory that you'll gain strength from for the rest of your life.

You love it no matter what happens. You will Know that you have done everything in your power to achieve the birth you want and that if mother nature has different ideas, you make those decisions totally informed and be at peace with the birth you have.  

"I totally believe that you can do this, your body can do this. But there are just so many ways you can get diverted from this goal that you really need to prepare!"

So often I’ve heard labour described as a marathon, and Just like a marathon you wouldn’t turn up with just the facts of how it works and some energy bars! You would put in the hours and train, be totally prepared and then knock it out the park. So, don’t go in to the delivery room with fingers crossed hoping that you will get a smooth labour.

You want to prepare! You NEED to prepare!

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