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Why have a Natural Birth

Your baby needs to be born! – No you can’t be pregnant forever!

But like in everything we have so much choice, and why would anyone in their right mind choose a vaginal, un-medicated labour?

All the fear mongering around labour + birth in the media really mucks up the process of trusting your body to do what it’s meant to do. 

And actually, there are some pretty amazing reasons, WHY you want to have a natural birth. And that WHY will be what pulls you through the tougher parts of your labour.

Benefits to Baby

Squeezing effect: Babies in utero are cuddled up in amniotic waters, and so their lungs are obviously full of fluid. As the baby passes through the vagina, the fluid is squeezed from its lungs. This makes the initial moments on the planet much easier because the first breaths can be inhaled with ease.

Adrenaline awareness: When you reach the point of your labour when you're fully dilated, you will get a huge jolt of Adrenaline. This is to give you the boost of energy and strength you'll need to push baby out! Well, baby gets exposed to that Adrenaline surge as well. But that's not a bad thing - Nature has planned it this way to ensure baby has a period of wide-eyed alertness for immediate bonding with Mum, and benefits to breast feeding.

Bacterial flora: When they're born vaginally, babies are exposed to all the good bacteria found in your vagina. Yes, you have bacteria in your vagina, this is a GOOD thing! The bacteria transferred from you is now across baby’s skin, respiratory system, gastrointestinal system, and genitourinary system. This inoculation with your mature bio flora is the key to lifelong health benefits and immune system support. 

Benefits to You

Speedy recovery: The fewer interventions you encounter in your birth, the quicker you will recover. For instance, a C-section, requires 5 day stay in hospital vaginal birth can be as a little as a day or not even a trip to the hospital! I mean, I wasn't skipping out the door clicking my heels - I was wheeled out and gingerly helped into the car - but then I was home in my own bed where I could recover: eat, drink, sleep + enjoy my new family of three.

Future labours: If you plan on having more than one baby, natural birth is the way to go! A body that is allowed to labour without intervention will typically labour significantly more efficiently the next time around. This ain’t her first rodeo!

Peak hormone levels: The birth of your baby brings about the craziest concoction of feel-good love hormones that you will ever experience in your life. Of course, with a C-section or epidural you will still produce Oxytocin and LOVE your baby! But the concentrations of the hormones aren't at the peak levels they are with an un-medicated birth. This concoction also lends itself to improved breastfeeding experience, so that's a pretty huge plus.

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