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  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! I’m Katie, a Birth Coach, Alexander Technique Teacher and proud mama, who works with mums like you who want to give birth naturally. I give you the tools to prepare your mind, body, and partner for an educated, empowered and lovingly-supported labour - because I know from experience how overwhelming it can be.

    I felt ready to give birth to my son, I had done all my homework, I attended ante-natal classes, pre-natal Pilates and I was studying the Alexander Technique. I was totally confident I was going to have an all-natural birth.


    Because that was the best thing for me and my baby, right?


    Well it didn’t quite go to plan. Turns out he was back to back and after laboring for 24 hours’ my contractions stopped, “I failed to progress” and I was induced. 48 hours after first going in to labour and a very intense three hours of induction with pitocin, my son was born.




    And everything was truly amazing, except I felt in total shock about my birth experience. I didn’t know what I was expecting but instead of having an amazing birth story to share I just had another horror story, that all the birth experts I had been listening to would definitely not want me to talk about. And I wasn’t the only one. For every “I just breathed my baby out...” story I have heard 10 nightmares. It’s funny how birth experts tell you only listen to the positive experiences and are so worried of making you feel anxious that they don’t prepare you for anything other than a ‘normal’ all-natural birth. Leaving many women with no resources to cope, when things don’t go perfectly to plan.


    Eventually I decided I needed to figure out how to find something positive in all of this.


    I noticed I felt better when I began reading notes, research and texts about how to prepare for a smooth & efficient labour. I also realised it was the Alexander Technique that had really carried me through my unmedicated, long and painful labour and continues to help me in so many ways as a Mum today. So I went and studied with Ilana Macover on using the Alexander Technique with pregnant women and trained to teach birth preparation classes. I also studied with Kiki and Trisha (founder of doula UK) and I am currently in the last stages of becoming a doula and breast feeding consultant.


    I feel that my road has been leading me here.


    Starting as a primary school teacher, working with children with behavior and special needs; Nanny; Alexander Technique Teacher, major back surgery and chronic pain to my dream job as a mum. It has all led me here. To educate women on how to be fully prepared, ready for a natural labour and birth, but also totally prepared for the "just in case."


    Because thank goodness we do have interventions that save the lives of mothers and babies every day, but are we becoming overly reliant on these? Why are so many women ending up with inductions or C-sections?


    It has literally become my mission to help woman give birth naturally.


    With the abundance of information as to why you want to have a natural birth and why you want to avoid the unnecessary over-medicalisation of labour, there is a lack of support about how to actually achieve this. I hope to give you not just the WHY, but the HOW in a practical and straight forward way. Eliminating the fear of the unknown, what to expect if you do end up with an induction or C-section or if YOU do decide to have an epidural or an elective C-section. I want to support you not judge.


    So, you are totally prepared to give birth CONFIDENTLY and BOLDY.


    Eutokia – Antenatal education using the principles of the Alexander Technique


    Birth Bliss Doula and Breastfeeding


    Alexander Technique Teacher


    BA (Hons) Primary Education


    Over 15 years of experience working with families in education, special educational needs and as a Private Nanny


    Over 48 hours of personal labour experience!


    Proud Mum to Sam

  • One More Thing...

    Discovering the Alexander Technique was life changing and life affirming for me.

    Click on the link if you would like to read my story.

  • "Katie has such an upbeat and positive outlook towards all aspects of the labour & birth process. She has really boosted my confidence and taken a way a lot of the fear I have going into labour."

    Nina - Marketing Manager

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